Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Following Mary Angeline Ramsey

Is this her real name? I know that she exists because I know her sons and daughters existed. And that she married my GG Grandfather, William Henry Funderburg in Palo Pinto Texas in 1863. So what do I know about Mary Ann/Mary Angeline? She is one of my biggest brick walls. She is a mystery, hidden because there is no 1890 census, lost in time because she died in Oklahoma Territory, before Oklahoma became a state.

 *****My records for her are mostly death certificates for several of her children.*****
      I show she was born in Illinois.  I am not 100% positive that her parents were John and Jane (Bohannon) as others show in family trees. The 1850 census shows a Mary Angelina in Navarro, Texas with a John Ramsey, age 52, born 1798 in North Carolina and a Jane, age 45, born 1805 in Georgia. According to the 1880 census, says both her parents were born in Illinois. I find several marriage records in Calloway County, Kentucky for Ramsey's and Bohannon's. From the book, Marriage Records  Calloway Co., Kentucky 1823 through 1846. Listed is this marriage date for John Ramsey and Jane B. Bohannon, December 15, 1831. Found On Family Search and it gives Jane's father as Edward.  So far, this it a good lead and most likely this is the parents of Mary Angeline.                                                           
Compared to that 1850 census and the first born daughter named Elizabeth, age 18, born 1832 in Kentucky, this would work. No records for John Ramsey after the 1850 census so did he die in the 1850's?

Will have to just keep digging. So I will follow the Georgia records for Jane Bohannon and the North Carolina records for the Ramsey's, along with the leads from the other Ramsey/Bohannon marriage records.


                *****FOLLOW UP FOR THE BOHANNAN'S *****
 I have been following this line and have done more research for Oglethorpe County, Georgia and have linked more of the Bohannan Family with a Marriage Record, 26 Dec 1797, for Edward W Bohannon & Celia (Peacock), parents of Jane B. Tax Records from the Georgia Tax Index, 1789-1799, Census for 1800, Tax List for 1801 & 1804,  Land Lottery Draw for 1807. I have not determined yet if Jane B, born 1805, was actually born in this county. There are also Ramsey's in this area at the same time so will do more research.

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