Thursday, July 3, 2014

DNA Tests

For many that want to order the DNA tests. I had my brother do the Ancestry DNA test but I am considering doing one for myself. I am the one in my immediate family who does genealogy but you can have many tests attached to yours.  If you are the one that orders the test you will have access to the results. If they want access as well, they can open guest accounts and you can have the results copied to them as well. A question was asked about why have sibling doing tests. In answer to those saying the brothers results will be the same as hers, that is not true. One inherits 50% of their DNA from each parent but each sibling inherits different DNA. It's like serving a fruit salad. Even if you serve the same size proportions the fruit mix will vary in each serving. I like that fruit salad analogy.

As of right now, autosomal raw data from all three major companies (23andMe, FTDNA, Ancestry) can be uploaded to (a free site). FTDNA is the only paid site that accepts transfers from other companies although they currently do not accept transfers from 23andMe's new chip (V4). If you tested with 23andMe within the past six months, it will be on this new chip which is incompatible with FTDNA. All AncestryDNA tests can still be transferred.


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