Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Working on the Smith Family

I have been absent for a while, taking a break. We took an extended trip up North for a while to visit family and since coming back I have been working on my dad's mother's family. My dad would mention "Grandpa Harve" Smith often but being a kid I did not pay attention to the stories. Since coming to Texas I have learned quite a lot about Harve and his family and also visiting the  Krun Jackson Cemetery in  Denton County. His parents, George Washington Smith and Emily Rebecca Barker, both buried in this cemetery along with many other Smith Family, were married in Knox County, Tennessee, where extended family lived many years. There is a story on Find A Grave that George was born on a river boat while his parents were enroute between the two counties on the Ohio River. He was born Mar 1, 1850 in East Tennessee, the oldest child of  six children born to William Smith and Ellen (Meyers) Smith, who, in 1850 are living in Hamilton, Tennessee and in 1860 are in District 7, Hawkins, Tennessee . William's parents were David Smith of Virginia and Elizabeth "Betsy McGill of Tennessee. William's grandparents were (Louther Smith and Barbara Louderback but I have not confirmed the grandparents of  William Smith), all of Hawkins Co., TN.

William married Ellen Myers also of Hawkins Co., TN, but for a short time early in their marriage they lived in Hamilton Co., TN. It appears George and all his siblings were born in  Hawkins County.

According to the 1830 census of Hawkins County, Tn., David H Smith has 2 males under 5, 1 male between 5 and 9, and one 20 thru 29,  2 female under 5 and 1 between 30 and 39 for a total of 7 in this household. So his wife must have been a bit older than him.

In the 1840 census of Hawkins County, he has an older female so it appears that his widowed mother is probably living with them. 1 male under 5, 1 male 30 thru 39, 2 female under 5, 1 female 10 thru 14, 1 1 female 15 thru 19, 1 female 30 thru 39 and 1 female 60 thru 69.

According to the Tennessee Marriages to 1825, David married Betsy McGill 30 Dec 1823in Hawkins County. Then William was born in 1824, which is the one male age 5 thru 10 in the 1830 census, then another son John born 1823, which would be the one male under 5. He had 2 daughters who were born before 1830 and under 5 years and one other who was born between 1830 and 1840. I have not accounted for the females yet. David and Elizabeth are both still alive in 1860 in Hawkins County and son John is living at home with them and possibly a daughter named Nancy.

  1. Will of William PHIPPS - Hawkins Co., TN -...


In the Hawkins County, Tennessee
Random Will Abstracts
Hawkins County, Tennessee Marriages and Wills, by Lucy Kate McGhee
Transcribed by, Vickie Bryan 

1..Louther Smith August 13, 1821
Wife - Barbara Smith
Heirs - David Smith
2..Peter Smith October 8, 1808
Executor - John Smith
Heirs - Joshua Smith, Samuel Smith, Able Smith, John Smith
3.. Samuel Smith September 6, 1798
Wife - Ann Smith
Executors - Samuel Smith and James Law
Heirs - Henry Law, Joseph H. Smith, heirs of Thomas Smith
4.. Alexander Smith August 10, 1842
Executor - Alexander Smith Jr.
Heirs - John Smith, Alexander Smith, Joseph Smith, Elizabeth Hicks and heir, Wm. Smith, George Smith
5.. William Smith May 7, 1805
Wife - Elizabeth Smith
Executor - Samuel Smith
Heirs - Sally Smith, George Smith, Wm. Smith, Joel Smith, Betsy Smith, Peter Smith, John Smith, Samuel Smith

**The marriage of  Louther Smith and Barbery Loudeback is recorded in the abstract of the records of old Linville Creek Baptist Church, beginning on page 48, Rev. John Alderson

*Married June the 28, 1791 in Green Brier County, West Va.*

Just a note from my research on William & Samuel: Samuel Smith is shown on Fold3 as being in Co "B" of the 12th Calvary and on a "recruiting service since 22 Oct 1863" and a "deserter since 29 Feb 1864" and then detached in Leavenworth, Kansas since June 28,1865. His age is 41 as of Oct 7, 1865 which would put his birth at about 1824. The record stated he was charged with desertion and restored to duty without trial but with loss of pay in Oct 1865 in Leavenworth(per letter in his file-41 pages). Shows his residence Carter County, Tenn, married, and nearest living relative as "Nancy" Smith. William, also in Co. "B" died at Camp Gillem Tenn May 28, 1864. His notes say William A not H. His age is 43 in 1863, puts his birth at about 1820. He apparently was captured at Jackson, Miss Aug 6, 1863 and confined at a hospital in Richmond, Va Sept 7-10, 1863. His file 43 pages. ** I have not yet figured where these two fit in  to my lines**