Saturday, May 2, 2015

Genealogy Do-Over – Week 4, Cycle 2: 24-30 April 2015

  Trying to catch up on my Do-Over Blog posts. I am learning from Thomas MacEntee's resources on the Genealogy Do-Over & Ed Thompson how to fill in the gaps from his You Tube video's. Evidentia and Family Search" series is a great learning series to follow for newbies of Evidentia and I highly recommend it. In my week 4,  Tracking Searches, it helps to track the  websites where the search was used. I can enter my  thoughts and make an analysis about the search in the notes. I continue tracking my searches as time permits. Week 5 is Building a Research Toolbox and I think that Evidenta will work fine for me to do this. This quote is from Ed's website "Evidentia not only solves the problems facing the genealogy community, but also simplifies the process of analyzing evidence and creating proof arguments while still following the Genealogical Proof Standard (GPS)".  So this is my focus, to learn and analyze and make proof. I need to "really listen" to my sources as they have SO much to say.


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