Sunday, May 31, 2015


Looking through the Genealogy Do-Over for week 9, I stumbled on the link below. I love this idea so am going to use the idea under "the goals I set last year": {THESE ARE HER IDEAS AND I HAVE REVAMPED THEM FOR MY EXCEL SHEETS}
 Organize Your Family History by Janine Adams (

I’ve decided that my new schedule will be as follows:
  • 1st quarter: Funderburg (my father’s father’s line)
  • 2nd quarter: Hudson  (my mother’s father’s line)
  • 3rd quarter: Smith  (my father’s mother’s line)
  • 4th quarter: Willis (my mother’s mother’s line) 
 I’ll use a progress tracker to see what census, vital and military records I’ve already located by making progress-tracking spreadsheets using Excel. Hoping this will keep me more focused and help me feel less overwhelmed.

  • Fill in the gaps on my progress tracker
  • Make sure my surname files for that line are organized
  • Ensure that everything in my paper files for that line are also organized
  • Fill in collateral relatives on my family tree in Legacy
  • Go up at least one generation in verified information
Making these Excel Sheets for my tracking goal:  {this is a work in progress}

Sheet 1: BMD Vitals
  1. Birth records
  2. Marriage records
  3. Death records
  4. Burial records
  5. Grave photos
  6. Obituary
  7. City Directory
  8. Will
  9. Divorce
Sheet 2: Censuses
On the first table, a column for each U.S. Census. I fill in the square (using the traffic signal colors) in green if that record was found, green for it's a "go". An amber square indicates the ancestor wasn’t alive for that census. A red (stop, look) square indicates I still need to find this record. I also have a table of state censuses, so I can note those.

Sheet 3: Military
Here I track what military records I’ve found for each ancestor, by war or conflict and track Draft Cards..


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