Thursday, April 9, 2015

Genealogy Do-Over – Week 2: 9-15 January 2015

    For the second week of Genealogy Do-Over, my goal is to make family group sheets on myself, siblings and father, mother. I want to take time and look at all documents I have gathered for my parents and get the information transcribed onto the group sheets and source sheets. I have found some on-line sheets in PDF-format that can be filled out and just saved to my files, that will save a lot of hand writing and I can go to them anytime and print out what or when I need. As I said in my last weeks post, I am making "Do -Over Trees 2015" in my genealogy software program, so I've  decided that a best practice for me will be ONLY to enter anything into my software as it was analyzed and a proof statement was written. I did this yesterday in my Week One for my dad. While doing my dad, I have discovered that all documentation I have gathered has his middle name spelled "Coady or Codey" and he has spelled it Cody over the years. I believe that he himself has made the error of spelling it Cody. I could be wrong, just a guess. Baby steps...... 
   Although, there is no one I can actually interview in person, both parents are gone and all my siblings live far away. But I do have a great aunt who is alive and 94 years old, living near me. I have met with her about 4 times now and she has shared her father's Bible and let me photograph it. She has told me stories. I may make another "lunch date" with her in the near future.

    I will try to follow these three  goals. 


  • What I Plan to Do: I will be doing both a written narrative in the “first person” voice as well as completing a family group sheet.
  • “All-In” Participant Options: Select an interview format that works for you and enables you to extract the necessary information to launch your initial research next week.
  • Modified Participant Options: Review any copies of family group sheets in your files and check them for accuracy.

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