Sunday, April 5, 2015

Genealogy Do-Over – Week 1 Cycle 2: 3-9 April 2015

       My Genealogy Do-Over. Only I think I will do more of a Go-Over.
  This is where I start over with myself and work backwards, adding nothing but facts, and sources. I will label my paternal side "Do-Over Funderburg Tree 2015" and my maternal side "Do-Over Hudson Tree 2015". I have decide to TRY to find at least two sources for each individual. I won't be doing everything on the do-over list; but more of a go-over so I can step back and look at all the documentation I do have and make sure I have completed all of my sources.
   I have Family Tree Maker 2010, which I have downloaded my trees from my  which I have always used as my Master, but also recently have downloaded Legacy 8 in which I am going to start my brand new Do-Over 2015 Trees. I will also be using the Color-Coding-Organizing Your Paper Files from Mary Hill . They compliment the color-coded organizational system. My Ancestry Tree currently has close to 6000 people in it and I plan on documenting this in my new way, entered thoroughly, sourced and cited. This means square one with ancestor one! Starting with my direct line and work on one ancestor at a time within each generation, finishing one grandparent before moving on to great grandparents, etc.....
   Here is the link for the Color Coding System:

   Following Cycle-1: I will start by 

                    *setting aside my previous research work and making the "hold" folder for the digital records I have. This will be hard for me as I have obtained a vast amount of birth and death certificates from Fold 3 on my Texas ancestors, although, I realize not all info on them are correct. But my plan is to make sure I can cross reference it with other documentation. This is why I am really going to do  more of a ""go-over". The goal I want to use with the new system is to make research logs as I work on each person, listing what I do know against what I don't yet know.


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