Sunday, June 22, 2014

Grand vs Great Aunt’s & Uncle’s

 ** Originally posted on my website on May 27, 2014**

    *What do you call you grandparents siblings. The siblings of your parents are your aunts/uncles. The siblings of your grandparents were originally termed grandaunts/uncles and the siblings of your great-grand parents were great-grandaunts/uncles. But over the years those terms have gradually been replaced by the less descriptive great-aunt/uncle for grandaunt/uncle and great-great-aunt/uncle for great-grandaunt/uncle. Because it is more logical, many modern genealogists may prefer to use the older terms. Either is correct. Officially it IS “Grand”. If they are your “grandparents” then their siblings ARE your grand aunt & uncle. It shows that they are in the same generation as your grandparents. I, like so many, do call them great aunt and uncle. In fact, I still have a great aunt Dorothy alive, age 94, and that is what I call her. She  is so awesome and I am so proud to have met her still get with her and her daughter for lunches and her birthday partiy


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