Sunday, June 22, 2014

Finding the Maiden names of Women

I just watched Christa Cowan's video on You Tube about Finding the Maiden Names of  Women in Your Family Tree, a 20 minute video and well worth watching. This is the 10 things she says to look in when searching for those maiden names.

  1. Marriage Records:  (license, certificates, announcements, banns, bonds, divorce records)
  2.Cemeteries: (burial records, tombstones, adjacent plots with other name in it)
  3.Census: (Federal and State)
  4. Land Records: (deeds and transfers within the families)
  5.Church Records: (memberships, christenings, and surnames)
  6. Probate Records & Wills
  7.  Newspapers: (Her words, "better than FB", articles that list Mr. & Mrs. that give names of in laws and such)
  8. Birth & Death Records: (look for her name and all of her children)
  9.  Military Records: (widow's pension's sometimes gives her maiden name if she has to give an affidavit because she has no marriage record) Let me add that I have personally found some great info in Revolutionary War Files where the widow gives not only her maiden name but the marriage dates, marriage place and sometimes even a brothers's name.
 10. Naming Patterns: (son's are sometimes given the mother's maiden name, or given a neighbors name or maybe named after the Dr.)

Here's the link for her video

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