Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Tuesday's Tip

I missed yesterday so I want to go back and re-blog about a website I use often. If you had family in South Carolina this is a great resource. I will break it down on how to find info.

The majority of my family from my 3rd great grandparents back to my 5th great grandparents were in the Ninety-sixth District, Abbeyville, Lancaster, Fairfield, Berkley & Edgefield.

The website I want to share today is a free resource for anyone searching South Carolina. I use it frequently. It's an amazing  site and full of a wealth of information.

South Carolina Department of Archives & History has put together many plats for state land grants, wills and criminal court records, records of confederate veterans and more.  Once you learn how to navigate the site (which is very easy) you will return many times, I have.

First off here is the link: South Carolina Archives & History - Database Search
Then once you're in, on the left under "menu"  there are a few links you can navigate but I mostly us the middle section!!
In the middle of the page you see the search area. On the "Record Group" I usually leave it at "all" but you can click on the drop down screen and search a specific record if you want. But seriously, the "All" tab will bring up everything they have on the individual you are looking up.
Next, add the surname you want in the :"Individual"  box and a list comes up and then you can just click on the "search" button at the bottom. You can also in the individual area, add the surname and the first name if you want but it will automatically  give you a list of all people just by adding that surname.
It's that easy. I also have a great one for Virginia & West Virginia that I am using for my McCarty/MCCartie Families. I will share that in another post. Meanwhile, Happy Hunting in South Carolina.

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