Thursday, June 30, 2016

Those Places Thursday

While doing research on my father's mother's dad, James Harve Smith born 23 OCT 1879 Knox County, Tennessee and died 13 JUL 1959 Clarendon, Donley, Texas I discovered that there were still Smith family living in Stony, Texas. So.... I said to my husband, lets take a little drive. Harve Smith was someone my dad always talked about, aka..."Grandpa Harve". My great grandmother, Josie Mosier had been married to Harve just a short time and they had 3 girls , the oldest being my grandmother, and a infant son who died young. Josie divorced Harve and late re-married to a Funderburg brother of my dad's dad. But trying to locate Harve while doing research has been a hard  hill to climb. Finally I did get a breakthrough and I found that he later had lived in and around the towns of Decatur and Ponder Texas. So we took a drive up there and asked some questions of a lady out in her yard. She made a phone call to one of the Smith's who lived in this tiny area. We were invited to their home. We located this fence along the road going into Stony and took a few pictures. After talking and telling all I knew of my Smith side and getting info and photos of their Smith side, I was told that this fence was on property of another Smith relative. I did not get a chance to stop and talk to these people. The building here was an old store that sat just down the road at one time but was bought by this relative and moved onto his property and he has been adding all these  old saw blades, horseshoes, wheels and whole lot of stuff to it.  Love the old windmill. Love to photograph them.


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